WiLab has four main sites:at the premises of the University of Bologna, in Bologna, viale Risorgimento 2;at the premises of the University of Bologna, in Cesena, via dell’Università 50;at the premises of the University of Ferrara, via Saragat 1;at the premises of IEIIT-CNR in Bologna, viale Risorgimento 2.


WiLab is managed by four Directors, under the coordination of one of them, prof. Roberto Verdone:Marco Chiani is Full Professor at the University of Bologna, Research Affiliate at MIT, and IEEE Fellow. His main interests are in the field of communication theory and statistical signal processing.Andrea Conti is a Professor at the University of Ferrara, head of the Wireless Communication and Localization Networks (WCLN) Laboratory.…


WiLab pursues scientific research under the following areas:• Active/Passive Localisation and Tracking• Coding and Multiple Access• Crowdsensing• Industrial IoT• Intelligent Radio Environments• Processing for the IoT• TeraHerz Communications• UAV-Based Networks• Vehicular Communications• Wireless Network Optimisation


WiLab was pioneered decades ago by Prof. Oreste Andrisano of the University of Bologna. Along with his career, he established a research group whose members are co-founders of the National Laboratory. The activities performed in the past decades are described in this website.


WiLab inherits scientific competences and technical background gathered along the past forty years through the work of Prof. Oreste Andrisano of the University of Bologna, pioneer of radio communications in Italy since the ’80s.rbt