Name: LoRaWAN Network

Site: Bologna

Responsible: Chiara Buratti

Partner: Gateway donated by Embit srl

Description: A LoRaWAN network working at 868 MHz is deployed on the site. Many End Devices, including development boards (Microchip RN2483) and sensor boards (Idesio Rigers Board 1.0), are available and ready to use. They communicate with an EMB-GW1301-O gateway, based on the Semtech SX 1301 chipset working at 868 MHz, which is placed on the top of the tower of the School of Engineering. The gateway is connected via LAN to a custom Network Server, located in the building, which is based on the open-source project ChirpStack and it includes a web interface to register and manage devices. Packets sent to the Network Server can be forwarded to an application server based on NodeRED, located in the building as well. NodeRED provides an easy interface to process data sent by devices to manage and making them available to the end-user on a tidier web interface. 

Access: The network and application servers’ interfaces are accessible via the Internet using WiLab-only credentials