WiLab is managed by four Directors, under the coordination of one of them, prof. Roberto Verdone:

Marco Chiani is Full Professor at the University of Bologna, Research Affiliate at MIT, and IEEE Fellow. His main interests are in the field of communication theory and statistical signal processing.

Andrea Conti is a Professor at the University of Ferrara, head of the Wireless Communication and Localization Networks (WCLN) Laboratory. His research interests include network localization, distributed sensing, and adaptive communications. 

Roberto Verdone is Full Professor at the University of Bologna, head of the Radio Networks research group. His main interests are in the field of mobile networks and IoT. He acts as WiLab Director for the term 2020-2022.

Alberto Zanella is Director of Research at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). His research interests are in the vehicular networks and multi-antenna systems.

WiLab co-founders:

Andrea Conti
Gianluca Mazzini
Velio Tralli

Stefania Bartoletti
Francesco Guidi
Barbara Masini
Alberto Zanella

Alessandro Bazzi
Chiara Buratti
Gianni Pasolini
Roberto Verdone
Flavio Zabini

Marco Chiani
Davide Dardari
Andrea Giorgetti
Enrico Paolini