Name: Joint Innovation Centre (JIC)

Site: Bologna

Responsible: Roberto Verdone

Partner: endorsed by Huawei

Description: JIC (Joint Innovation Centre) is the embodiment of a long-lasting collaboration between CNIT/WiLab and Huawei with the purpose of contributing to the 6G Wireless Communications’ development. The long-term R&D partnership is committed to exploring and achieving breakthroughs in IoT networks, including but not limited to Channel Coding, Waveform, and Modulation of IoT, Random Access, Sensing of IoT, Smart Healthcare/Farming, Intelligent Transportation, Mesh, Ad Hoc, Multi-hop, Relay, IoT Convergence, Narrow-band IoT, IoT broadcast, Localization, Low power IoT, Long distance IoT, High Capacity IoT, and a lot more. A Steering Committee, jointly composed of both CNIT/WiLab and Huawei parties, is responsible for organizing, developing, and enhancing the JIC research program, while a Supporting & Management team is in charge of the logistics and organizational plans, including annual workshops and review meetings.

Access: every year a call for project proposals is opened and the Steering Committee selects the better ideas to be developed. Every WiLab affiliate or associate can respond to the call. Every party involved in the project will be bound to Huawei’s NDA and IPR rules.

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